Independent Chair
Karl Rodrigues
Deputy Chair
Carmel Nash OAM
Executive Officer
John O'Brien

Role and functions of the national council of CSPA and its members

The role and functions of Council is to ensure that the CSPA carries out its objects and in particular to:

  • Promote and foster Catholic identity of CSPA in supporting Catholic education in Australia;
  • Provide prayerful reflection and faith development opportunities for Council members;
  • Develop relationships with the ACBC through the Bishops’ Commission for Catholic Education and the National Catholic Education Commission and other relevant bodies to work collaboratively to further the mission of the Church;
  • Be recognised as the voice for Catholic school parents at a national level;
  • Have the general control and management of the administration of the affairs, property and funds of the CSPA;
  • Have authority to interpret the meaning of this Constitution and any matter relating to CSPA on which this constitution is silent;
  • Actively seek representation on key national committees and reference groups and be consulted on issues related to national educational matters;
  • Formulate advice for consideration by the CSPA on any issue involving new policy or a significant deviation from existing policy;
  • Monitor national policies and agencies for their impact on Catholic schools;
  • Undertake political advocacy for funding equity;
  • Support the increasingly complex and diverse need of families with children in our Catholic schools;
  • Support the long term viability and accessibility of the Catholic education system;
  • Be involved in the development and implementation of national programs related to families and education;
  • Formulate submissions and advice to national Catholic authorities, government and non-government agencies and authorities, formal inquiries and reviews, committees and working parties on educational issues as they affect Catholic school families;
  • Engage with other national peak bodies including parent, principal, statutory authorities;
  • Inform current research pertinent to parent engagement in schools and educational decision making;
  • Promote parent partnerships and collaboration in the interest of Catholic education;
  • Promote and strive for social inclusion and to assist the marginalised in their choice of schooling; and
  • Develop and implement a communication strategy to execute the role and functions of the CSPA effectively.